Saturday, 6 March 2010


These children need your help. They have lost  several things. But they don't remember how to write them in English. Can you help them?

Mary: "I've lost my >> g l o v e s<>><<  (6 letters)
           They are yellow. Help me,please"
Peter: "I've lost my>> c a p .<< (3 letters)
           It’s purple and blue. Is it here?"
Lewis: "I've lost my >>k e y s<< (4 letters)
           They are yellow and white . Please find them"
Jane: "I've lost my >>p e n c i <<  << (6 letters)
           It’s yellow. I want to write with it"!
Paul: "I've lost my >>  c r a y o n s << (7 letters)
        They are blue, green and red. I can't paint without them"
Sue: "I've lost my >>k i t << (4 letters)
         It’s pink, blue and yellow. I want to play with it"
Good luck!

     Add a comment and write your anwers:
  1. Mary has lost her _______.
  2. Peter has lost his _______.
  3. Lewis has lost his _______.
  4. Jane has lost her _______.
  5. Paul has lost his _______.
  6. Sue has lost her _______.